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We are Opening our Weekly Online Ordering System

This week will be the maiden voyage of our online ordering system.

We had challanging weather early season, but the time of abundance has arrived as you can see from the expanding offering.

I have enabled ordering now through Monday at 9:30pm. Pickup is at our farm on Tuesday afternoon from 2-6pm. If delivery is desired, please call me at 328-5559 or email

In the future this list will be sent out on Saturday evening, but I (finally) just got done posting our information and figured better late than miss another cycle.

Cash or check is accepted at time of delivery. We have also begun accepting EBT SNAP (food stamp) payments, if you know anyone on a tight budget looking for good clean farm fresh food. I’ve tried to anticipate questions in the Q&A section. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank You
Cherie Whitten