We aim to provide local organically/naturally grown food to our neighbors. We strive to meet the needs of our customers while upholding our firm convictions in respecting God’s creation.

We are starting seedlings and getting the greenhouses ready. It is time to order your CSA package and be a part of this glorious cycle.


Community Supported Agriculture is a way to purchase a “share” of our harvest at the beginning of the season. Each week you get a box with a mix of produce. This is the most economical way to get a variety of our most abundant produce. We offer an early greens package and then a 12 week long midseason package that begins in early July. Plus an 18 week Full Season Package and more! Family shares are priced at about $22.50/wk and partial shares at $12.50/wk. A $100 deposit holds your place. Final payment is requested by May.

Those with limited income can apply for up to a $100 price discount through GardenShare.org SNAP EBT is accepted as payment. Work Share Discounts are available through our farm as well.

We deliver to Potsdam & Massena areas. Contact us at circle@slic.com for more information on our CSA.

You can then use this market to supplement your CSA box. We are hoping to open the market with fresh greens in late April.

Our Family Farm is not just a business for us but a conviction. We believe that people are entitled to know how their food is raised and make decisions that affect their health and that of future generations. We care about God’s Creation, You & the Earth. We do not use GMO products. We never use Synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Organic Sea Mineral Products are used to supplement our natural farm fertilizer and increase nutritional value.

We grow by the Noncertified ORGANIC method and have signed the NOFA Farmer’s Pledge. We choose not to be regulated by government bureaucracy. We assert that our moral convictions from God have given us the desire to provide the healthiest food possible for our own family and that these standards are upheld in regards to everything that we grow and sell.

I hope that you find the great diversity and abundance that God provided us displayed through many bountiful and delicious harvests to feast your eyes and palate upon. Give Thanks!